Netflix coming to India this year.What will you watch?

Netflix coming to India

Netflix has been there for a long time in other countries.Users are charged with a subscription fees per month and they get access to various shows for streaming on Netflix.Due to the rise of people watching more and more TV-series in India,Netflix has bee eyeing to take the potential market to its advantage but due to poor net speeds and a low population with proper internet connections,Netflix has been having second thoughts.Not to forget that torrents have always been the preference of people who watch TV series for free.

However,with the launch of 4G internet in India from Airtel,they can finally launch a service with Airtel.Reliance also launched 4G service for its employees and soon they will start it for customers.

Netflix is likely to launch next week during the trade show CES 2016.Singapore and Hong Kong are one of the Asian nations along with India to receive Netflix.

How much could Netflix cost?

There is a 8.99$(about ₹600) for a month in the U.S. and you get HD quality movies and TV shows on any two screen at the same time.

We think that it will be less than ₹600 in India as that will be very expensive and they will take time to establish the market,so introductory prices will have to be lower than than.

India’s Online Streaming Serives

We have online streaming services like Eros, Spuul, ,BigFlix and the latest edition is the HotStar app and website for shows by Star Plus.These apps and sites provide most of Bollywood and Indian movies and shows but as the new era of “Binge Watching” has emerged these past few years,we need shows from other genres and countries.

Whats Exclusive on Netflix?

Netflix has been around for a longtime and they also like to develop movies and shows of their own.These shows and movies are available exclusive.Some shows that were a big hit by Netflix are Daredevil,Jessica Jones and Arrested Development.

Netflix is also bringing the sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movie saga called Sword of Destiny.



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