YU To Launch Another Device Or Phone With Yutopia

Beast is not alone

YU Televentures recently delayed their flagship phone named Yutopia‘s release later to December 17.The event was supposed to be happening on December 7 but it was pushed back due to some case going on CEO Rahul Sharma,as rumors report.They tweeted a teaser yesterday that another device will be launched with Yutopia quoting that “The Beast just got a company to make things more interesting. Get ready to find out soon.”

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What to expect from YU?

YU has kept the hype train running since after the release of their previous phone and still keeping it up after the delay of release.The company said that they had two products lined up and now that the release of Yutopia is delayed,they might launch the two devices together.We can start guessing what the new product may be.Its hard to say it will be another smartphone but it can probably be a new version of a power bank with more battery capacity,a new watch,a new charger with turbo charging capabilities, a new set of earphones for Yutopia. We can’t really tell as the launch is happening in just two days and there’s not much time to guess.We can only hope its not disappointing,like the power bank which would heat up too much.

If we take a shot in the dark, there was also an expectation for a Yuphoria Plus model as Yureka as already got it.Yuphoria has been better than Yureka in terms of heating problems and general issues,we can expect YU to launch a Yuphoria Plus model as it has already made a name for itself.

Yutopia might feature some changes in the OS,adding new functionality to the phone. We expect it would come with a CM 12.1 android v5.1.1 as YU just rolled out CM 12.1 for its previous phone,Yureka,Yureka Plus and Yuphoria.Yunique uses purely android,so it has to wait for android v6.0 Marshmallow.



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