Whatsapp Adds New Emojis.Download Latest Version Here

New Emojis for Every Occassion

WhatsApp has released a new series of emojis on the whatsapp’s official website. The new update is yet to be released on the PlayStore but it can be downloaded from the website. Whatsapp has a history of releasing new features and updates on the website before PlayStore. This time there has been a huge increment in the emojis rather than a feature update.We all know how much emojis play a role in a chat and the “tears of joy” emojis is now an official word in the Oxford Dictionary..Look for download link below. Here’s a look on the latest emojis added:-

Whatsapp Emoji face

Whatsapp Emoji face 2


In the smiley section,there are some new emojis like,”the nerd”,”the thinker”,”feeling the fever”,”the greedy one”,”the bandaged one” and my favorite for some reason,”the upside-down smiley”.The most significant emojis in the section are the homosexual ones which are more than 20 and show families with parents of same sex. WhatsApp seems to be adding them to the emoji family covering all sorts of possible combinations and number of members in the family.

Whatsapp Emoji face 4

In the animal section,there is a lion,tiger,octopus,,spider,scorpion,snail,crab,some new fishes,elephant,turkey,squirrel,”peace pigeon”,a dragon that looks the one you summon when you have all the dragonballs, and a Unicorn!.There is also a tornado and a foggy climate emoji in the animal section.

Whatsapp Emoji animals

There are many new emojis you can play with in other sections as well,some new flags and some even related to death and funerals.Whatsapp seems to have widened the range of emojis,covering almost every occassion you can think of.The lazy texting generation can now rely on these emojis to describe every mood you might not be able to express in words.

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There has not been an addition of any emoji that works like the “Beating Heart Emoji”,i.e the heart emoji which beats when you send it to someone,but the new emojis look cheerful and expressive.Say more with Emojis!

To get the latest version of whatsApp for android with these emojis. Download here



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