OnePlus 3 Images Surface in New Render

OnePlus Three

OnePlus seems to be changing its marketing strategies after OnePlus X did’nt quite make it like the OnePlus Two.The invite system for OnePlus Two was also removed few days back after it completed its one year in the market. OnePlus X is now available via Ola app and can be delivered in 15 minutes(get it here).There are leaks for the next flagship phone, the OnePlus 3. The new designs reveal some major changes for the new flagship.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus seems to be losing the sandstone panels and adapting a new brushed metal back. OnePlus previously used Sandstone panels for OnePlus Two but the OnePlus X came with a glass and ceramic body. So, it seems OnePlus hasn’t settled on a particular material for its phones.

OnePlus Three

As the images describe, there is no finger-print scanner at the back like the OnePlus Two, this could mean that OnePlus is gonna go with other security measures like the Iris Scanner. The renders don’t show a front button,so we can assume a possibility for the iris scanner. The phone may feature speakers on the front as well.

The images suggest that the phone might come in two different colors,black and white.

OnePlus 3 Rumours

Sources of the rumors also tip for hardware.We can expect a 1080p screen with a Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of RAM.USB Type-C Connector has been gaining pace in new phones since OnePlus Two made a debut with it. New Nexus models have seem to adapt the technology already and its probably going to replace the old USB charging slot.

OnePlus has been releasing phones every year,so we can soon expect new rumors coming along for the new OnePlus 3 and the new Hydrogen OS updates coming along with it. Software updates for OnePlus One may stop coming as it may be time for OnePlus to let go of older models and look for the new ones with Hydrogen OS.



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