Now Lower the Brightness Level Below 0% on Android Devices

Set negative Screen Brightness on Android Devices

Every Smartphone comes with feature to adjust the brightness automatically with the help of ambient light sensor. Even after setting the brightness level at the lowest it seems to be brighter at the night and it feels difficult to read emails, eBooks, chatting and browsing the web. We all think that there should be some way to decrease the brightness below 0% to make it easy to operate phones at night.



There is good news for all of us that there is a app on Google PlayStore named Well Brightness (-78% ~ 100%). Using this app we can set the brightness level below 0% in our Android device. Well brightness App decreases the mobile screen luminosity from -78% to -100%

How to Lower the Brightness Level Below 0%

Step 1:

Open the play store and search Well Brightness an select the desired App or you can download  from here -> Well Brightness

well brightness_app



Step 2:

Now just drag the slider to adjust the brightness level below 0% and you are done with it.

See the difference

Step 3:

To disable the Well Brightness tick the checkbox to ‘Auto’.

That’s a very useful App to use smartphone at night. By getting the brightness lower than 0% does not mean that this app will also save your battery. There will be no effect on the battery life if you lower the brightness below 0% using this app because it does not changes the system settings to  negative brightness rather it decreases the brightness by placing a dark transparent layer on the top of the screen.

Using this App you can set the lowest brightness to -78% however it is recommended to not set the brightness below -60% because you will not be able to see text on phone below -60%. While setting the brightness below 60% if you can’t get back to defaults, then reboot your phone.

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