YU Opens Registration for Yutopia.Takes a Bite on Apple

YU Opens Registration for Yutopia

YU Televentures which is a subsidy brand of Micromax has been teasing their new flagship phone Yutopia. Rahul Sharma, Micromax’s CEO had posted on twitter that a new beast is coming soon. Following the release of their previous low budget phone, Yutopia will be a mid-ranged phone which high-end specs. Now you can register for the phone from the link at the bottom of the article.But first take a look at all the teaser from YU making friendly fire on other tech giants.


The new twitter post from YU takes a friendly fire at Apple this time. YU previously took it on OnePlus’s Never Settle Motto and this time it is on Apple’s high price and short comings on various feature that android offers.

YU vs Apple

The new teaser suggests Yutopia will “Raise The Bar” and will compete with high-end phones like iPhone 6S or OnePlus Two.

YU vs Apple Iphone 6S

YU has been targeting customers who don’t have a big budget to buy high-end phones but crave to have the latest technology with the ability to customize.That is why it is targeting brands like Apple and OnePlus as they cost a lot to the customers and still keep you wanting for more. In this above teaser, YU suggests that the price for the iPhone 6 is way too much for the 16GB memory,to which most of the customers would agree with.

YU vs OnePlus Two yutopia-04



YU being a new brand in the market has gained a lot of attention but their devices still have issues which haven’t been exactly fixed. Some of them being:-

  • Heating Issues:

YU phones likes Yureka,Yuphoria and Yureka Plus that run Cyanogen Mod Android OS(v5.1) have heating issues. Yureka,after its first software upgrade showed serious heating issues. Yuphoria and Yureka Plus have them less than Yureka but they are still considerable.

  • Late OTA Updates:

While OnePlus has already released CM12.1 update for OnePlus One in August, YU has not released any update for Yuphoria yet. Yureka and Yureka Plus just recently got the updates.

  • Customer Care:

YU customer care services have been very slow and unsatisfactory since the beginning. First it was just an online customer care, now YU has a few offline service centres but it still takes a lot of time to process a request and get results.

  • General Device Issues:

Even though this could just happen with any phone from any brand, it has happened a lot with YU devices. There are always posts on social networking websites from people asking for help about YU devices.

Despite all the issues, YU devices have been promising. Considering the amount of time YU has been in the market, the devices are doing exceptionally well and the price range always gets customers excited. We hope for the best when Yutopia starts to roll out.

Register Now

Here is the link for registration for Yutopia: Register Now



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