Maggi makes a return on Snapdeal with a Starter Kit Flash Sale

Maggi Returns

Maggi Noodles, product by Nestle which has been in India for about 32 years was banned this year because of extra added MSG content. Nestle suffered a huge amount of loss as Maggi was their highest selling product in India. Since the ban of Maggi, other brands took the chance and covered the noodle market. But now the issues with Maggi have been resolved by Nestle and it has made its big comeback via online partner Snapdeal.


Maggi is exlusively available on Snapdeal with a registration system. Maggi sale will start at 11am,November 12 for only those who have registered on Snapdeal.

How do I register?

You can logon to Snapdeal and search for Maggi. Fill in your details and register for the sale. Link for Registration,here

Maggi snapdeal

How much packs can I buy from the Sale?

You can purchase 12 packs(70g)  priced at Rs.144 which makes one packet to be priced at Rs.12 which was the price when Maggi was discontinued. Nestle has not reduced the price back to Rs.10 and will be sticking to it. Snapdeal also promises some goodies with the Maggi packs, details of which have not yet been disclosed.

After registration, users will receive a mail confirming the registration with the time and details of the sale. It will be based on a first come first serve basis, so you need to make sure you are in time for the flash sale.
According to Twitter updates, Snapdeal is already making 500 registrations per minute. Follow Maggi on Twitter,here

Maggi is already available at stores in some states and is already selling like, well “Hot Maggi”. People are lining up at stores in the morning to get their hands on their packs. If it is not available at your area, then you can definitely register for tomorrow’s flash sale and try your luck at buying the welcome starter kit of the  2-minute noodles.



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