What kind of smartphone user are you and what to buy?

What kind of smartphone user are you?

There are different types of people and each of us have a different requirement and expectation from a smartphone device. This is because smartphones offer a wide range of functionality and an average user might be using 40-50% features. Some exceptional people who are tech enthusiasts might use it more than an average person and even modify it according to his requirements.

We have jot down to a few common types of users. Which one are you and which smartphone type may be a good choice to you? This can be useful when you go to buy a smartphone from so many options.


  1. An average user.

nokia lumia

An average user is a person who would use the basic features of a smartphone like the camera, whatsapp messenger, browser and few basic games like angry birds or subway surfer. They may or may not a high speed internet connection and use mobile internet and data packs. A limited internet connection may stop them from downloading high-end games and apps.

For an average user, we would recommend smartphones like Lumia series. They run on Windows OS and fit in a budget as well. They have good cameras, easy to understand interface and run smoothly. Windows App Store provides all basic apps and fulfils all basic needs for a user who like to use a phone as a phone not a super-computer.

Security may not be the biggest concern for an average user, only a good battery and memory storage is enough to make them happy.

  1. An Apple User


An apple user is a person who buys apple products no matter what. They are either rich people who have been saving for iPhone 6S since iPhone 5 came along. But that’s not all, apple provides seamless performance, fluid interface, one of the best camera from clicking selfies to shooting videos at high definition and they are virtually virus free.

Apple guarantees customer satisfaction and hassle free replacement if you get a defective handset which is very rare. They are ready to compromise on storage or some features  available on android for a long time but an apple user does not like any lag or lack in performance.

Choice of phone for an apple user, well “If they can’t own an iPhone, they don’t want any phone.”

  1. People above 40 years. Basically,Parents or Grandparents.(Nokia Users)

old user

If you think smartphones are a plague to your children and destroying their social lives, then you are a Nokia User. These types of users think smartphones were magically forged in a different dimension. They just want a phone to make a call and cut a call. Some of them may know about messaging as well, but typing makes them sleepy.

Choice of phone would be a landline or a Nokia 1100, but still we need a appropriate smartphone option with less hassles and a low budget. We would recommend a Lumia here as well as it is manufactured by their trusted Nokia now owned by Microsoft with a simple and smooth interface, and a long battery life.

You may think we have over-exaggerated about these users, but try explaining what ‘poking on facebook’ means ,to your grandmother.

  1. The Photographer

lenovo vibe shot

These users may be annoying at times when they try to fill the void of a DSLR through a 13 mega-pixel camera and click photos of everything that comes their way. However, they come handy in hangouts and parties as they would gladly click your pics and remain behind the camera. The choice of their smartphone is always the one with the best camera in the market, they don’t make calls all day, but they will have an album by the night.
Their basic requirements are a good camera, a long-lasting battery and a lot of storage for all those images and videos.

Our recommendations for the Pixel-hungry people would be an iPhone 6 or 6S, OnePlus Two, Lenovo vibe shot and LG V10.

  1. The Power User

power user

If your friends often call you a hacker, tech junkie, developer, tech freak and give their smartphones to you for repairing a soft brick phone, then you are a power user. They always keep updates about all the news apps, knows how to root a phone, flash a ROM or do a factory reset.

They use the most percentage of the features in a phone and always trying to know more about it. They think Cyanogen OS is better than android or iOS as it gives them more control over the phone.

Changing ROMs every week but never settling on one is their habit.

They need every feature to the extreme, be it a camera, storage, battery, processor, OS or sound quality.

Finding a new problem and trying to fix it is a passion and they can’t sleep until the phone works as it is supposed to or maybe even better.

Recommending a phone for this type of user is not really required as they know what’s best for them. But for the sake of it, Nexus , OnePlus, Samsung flagships or even the low budget YU smartphones will work for them as they run Cyanogen and can be easily modified with custom ROMs. Good for experimentation. However, a power user will not go for an iPhone as they lack customization and control which is good in its own way.


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