OnePlus Icons:Iconic New Earphone Design inspired by Organ Piano

 OnePlus Icons

Rumours for OnePlus X aka Mini were already viral on the Internet but while hyping over the new mid-range phone, noone seem to guess about the new earphones. Icons were teased by OnePlus today on twitter and soon the details for the earphones were out on OnePlus website.

OnePlus Icons

The OnePlus Icons are the new earphones by OnePlus. It is not sure if they will be available with the phone as the stock earphones as they are prices at Rs.2999. With a price tag like this one, it is unlikely they will be given with the phone.

The design for the Icons is insprired from Organ Piano and the smooth aluminium metallic finish gives them a premium look. The in-ear earphones come with multiple sizes of silicone ear tips for comfort and better fit. OnePlus claims they provide noise-islolation and a richer sound with a 11mm driver.

OnePlus Icons utilize three distinct chamber design to change the intensity of low-frquency sound. The two hollow columns, as seen on the back of the earbud are inspired from the blueprint of an organ piano. It allows richer resonance of bass, ensuring clarity withoout distortion. The organ structure expands the earphone’ treble and bass scope, resulting in a deeper and full-bodied sound.

The three-button in-line remote can be used to answer call, control volume and easily play or pause your music which makes it convenient to use. The earphones are compatible with all OnePlus devices and most Android phones with their 3.5mm jack. The earphones are perfected with 21 sound quality tests and only the perfect pieces are sold, claims OnePlus.


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