iPhone 7:Rumours,Specifications,Design,Price,Release Date

Apple iPhone 7

Rumours for Apple iPhone 7 have already surfaced on the Internet and we have compiled a list for all the rumours till today. Apple iphone 6S and iphone 6S Plus have been taking the market with a storm. They were recently released in India on all online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The new 3D-touch feature did not make that big of buzz like we expected but nonetheless, the new enhancements make iphone 6S and 6S Plus the most hyped and elite device.

As the hype for iPhone is settling, we are here to create noise for the new upcoming iPhone 7. Everyone tech geek knows or even a non-tech enthusiast might know that Apple has a policy of changing the design of the iPhone in their first release model and then introduce a new feature in the S series of the model.

iPhone 6 was the one which had the larger screen size and new body finish and the 6S got the new 3D touch feature. So, this time iPhone 7 will get a new look and probably all the old features.

iPhone 7 Rumours

Let’s look at what we have from the rumours:-

1.iPhone 7 Design

In terms of design of the iphone7, the biggest rumour around is that it might lose the home button. Apple will use the 3D touch to fulfil the absence of the home button. The space left after removing the home button can be filled with a bigger screen or make the phone smaller. There can be two options:-

  • 7 inch iPhone 7 with a 4-inch screen making it easy to use single-handedly.
  • 5 inch iPhone with 5-inch screen, being a standard 5-inch smartphone.

2. No Touch ID Sensor

Apple Touch ID sensor to be moved on the side of the phone like the Sony Xperia range of smartphones. Apple wouldn’t go for the back as Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have already done that.

iPhone 7 home button

3.Intel Developing chips for iPhone 7

Intel has been working on a new LTE modem for the iPhone 7. However, Qualcomm is also working with the chips and the A9 chip can be used with both brands. So, it is possible that some models may use Qualcomm while others use Intel. Intel is already working with 1,000 employees and developing a modem chip.

Intel making apple chips

4.Sapphire Displays

Only a few people may know about sapphire displays as they are very rarely seen in handsets. Vertu, which is a luxury phone uses Sapphire Displays which are stronger than glass. The problem with Sapphire display is that it will shatter on fall rather than cracking. So, if it gets broken you will have to change the display otherwise you can’t use the phone at all.

Sapphire Display

5.Release Date

Expected Release Date cannot be confirmed at this point of time but iPhone 7 will be released in 2016 without a doubt, hopefully in September. As Apple always releases a phone every year and for the past two years it has been releasing two phones.

6.iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has been doing this with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S series. Releasing a bigger iPhone, which can be called a Phablet. There is a possibility for an iPhone 7 Plus.

7.Waterproof Frame

As rumours go, it might be time for iPhone to get waterproof and as the home button might get removed, there is a possibility for a waterproof frame. Apple will ditech the aluminium casing for an all new material, making the new body to withstand both water and dust. It might adapt non-metallic casing material.

iphone 7 with waterproof frame

8.In-cell panels

Apple will continue using the in-cell panels to reduce the thickness of the phone.There have been some rumours going around that Apple will use glass-on-glass technology for the iPhone 7. However, other rumours say that it will stick with in-cell panels.

9.Price for the iPhone 7 in the US can be expected to be:-

Internal Memory       For iPhone 7             For iPhone 7 Plus

32GB                            $699                             $799

64GB                            $799                             $899

128GB                          $899                             $999

10.DSLR quality camera

Apple may take its popular camera to a new heights by upgrading it to a professional standard DSLR quality technology. The front camera could have a greater angle like the LG V10 has a 120 degree angle to take group selfies.


There is almost a year in the release for the iPhone 7, but the hype train has already left the station. Many other updates can be expected like the iPhone 7C can be expected, which will be a more affordable option. We will provide every update on the phone as well as concept art from various designers. Stay tuned.

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