Google enables Fingerprint Scanner for Playstore on Marshmallow

Google Playstore enables fingerprint for payment authentication

Android users now have the option to authorize the payment on Google Playstore using Fingerprint sensor. Although, iPhone users  had this feature for years.Google Play
Google recently updated its Playstore App for Android Smartphones, in which they enabled the feature of using the fingerprint sensor for authorizing and authenticating the payment on playstore.

Select handsets will be able to make purchases by using their user’s fingerprint as authentication. But for that your smartphone must have a fingerprint sensor.

The first among the smartphones having fingerprint sensor was iPhone 5S launched in 2013, which started the trend of integrating the fingerprint sensors in smartphone. Many of the Android smartphones also offer this feature like that of Samsung flagships and OnePlus 2.

Recently, Google has enabled the native support for the fingerprint reader with the release of their latest Android Marshmallow. The latest Google Nexus devices, both LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P have fingerprint sensor, which Google calls the Nexus Imprint Sensor.

Playstore fingerprint
playstore authentication

Until the native support of the fingerprint reader in Android Marshmallow, the fingerprint sensor was only used to unlock the lockscreen. However select apps like PayPal enabled wider support for payment authentication on its app and website.

Android Police spotted this feature first by Google Play, which is disabled by default.  The users who want to use this new feature will have to go to the settings in the Google Play app and then enable it in the User Control section. But to enable this feature, your handset should have the latest Android v6 Marshmallow and obviously a,fingerprint sensor.

As of now Google has enabled this feature for authentication of the payments made on Google Playstore App only. However, in future the use of this feature can be seen in other apps by Google and other developer made apps too.

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