Operators will soon have to pay subscribers for call drops from next year

Get Ready to get compensation from Operators for call drops

For subscribers, call drops are becoming a major problem. Now Government of India has decided to take action and impose a penalty to operators.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has recently proposed that  telecom operators will be penalized Re.1 for call drops. The operators have to pay the penalty to the subscribers as compensation. Compensation will be of Re.1 per call drop but a maximum of Rs.3 will be given per day to every individual user. This policy will be effected from 1st of January, 2016.

call drops

This policy is expected to be announced this week, and will be applicable on all operators throughout the country.

The operators said there are many things which are responsible for call drops and not all are under their control. They also said the cost to set up a mechanism for tracking call drops will be huge.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) conducted  discussion on this issue where all the telecom operators and consumer groups were invited to express their views.

Trai Chairman R S Sharma said “We will come out with recommendations on compensation to the consumers for call drops”.

He also said that TRAI will also come out with a Quality of Service paper in few days in which reasons responsible for the call drops will be identified, which includes call drop, time taken for a call to connect, network congestion, voice quality and network related issues

This will help the customers in choosing the operator, which is providing better service in their area.

The operators are opposing move for compensation. They said, there are many other  things which are responsible for call drops and not all are under their control.

The detailed information about how to measure and account for, a dropped call will be made public when new regulations will be officially released by TRAI.

After the top Government officials including Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Telecom Minister took consign of the issue, this issue was put on the top most Priority.

So, if you are the consumer facing problems due to call drops, get ready to be paid by your telecom operator.

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