WhatsApp messages , photos and videos can be backed up now on Google Drive

WhatsApp data can be backed up on Google Drive

Though WhatsApp allow users to backup data everyday on their phone storage. But what will happen if our phone gets damaged by falling from a height or dropped into water. All the important messages and other useful data will be lost. To keep data safe, Google Drive has introduced a new feature to backup WhatsApp data.


Earlier WhatsApp data have been backed up on phone’s internal storage. Now after many years this new feature is available which will allow users to backup data on Google Drive. It will include everything from chat history to images, voice and videos.

As for now new feature will be available only for android users. No news for iPhone and Windows users. Till the new feature come to iPhone and windows devices, they have to make backup locally on phone storage. WhatsApp takes backup automatically and you can set the backup interval according to your choice i.e. daily, monthly, weekly or never backup to Google Drive.

This new backup feature is rolling out by WhatsApp and will be available to all users eventually. So keep checking the version updates and check your App’s settings if it is available to you.

Android users can download latest version from WhatsApp’s official site www.whatsapp.com/android before it come on Playstore.

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